D / P / I, one of many aliases from Alex Gray (perhaps best known as a member of the Sun Araw Band), has issued a new cassette called 08.DD.15 via Matthewdavid’s Leaving imprint, from which “10” has been pulled. A sleek, Mille Plateaux-reminiscent cut, “10” is the kind of track that seems to toy with its listeners. On one hand, the song’s swimming chords and hi-fi percussion appear to beg for us to nod our heads to and fro, but “10” never actually locks into a particular pattern—hesitating, glitching, and morphing into new shapes and sizes with almost every bar. Sometimes it can feel as if Gray’s new cut was the result of the producer running his track through a slow buffering process, but still, there is something inexplicably alluring to the fact that the tune is so hard to follow despite always seeming on the verge of revealing its hidden code.