Deep, searching techno music can be a mixed bag at times, with many producers falling into the trap of cautious and restrained melodic conservatism. Six-minute introductions, slow-developing progressions, commonplace synth patches listlessly unspooling to only the most patient listener’s delight… These issues plaguing the long-standing genre are fortunately not shared by Ceremony-signed producer Magnus Johansson. We’ve covered Johansson’s work as Bam Spacey before, but with the forthcoming Land EP set for release via the aforementioned NYC imprint on May 22, we’re welcomed to a new production. “Ström (Saturday Mix),” an alternate version of the b-side from his latest single, is a vision of Scandanavian pop filtered through a winding, lushly produced deep-techno framework.

Ström (Saturday Mix)

Strom (Saturday Mix)