London producer Visionist (a.k.a. Louis Carnell) has really come a long way. Back in February, we featured him in our Bubblin’ Up series as he rode the wave of popularity gained from an EP and single for Diskotopia and 92 Points, respectively. Now, he’s back again, and this time with his own digital label called Lost Codes, which he’s introducing to the world by offering this exclusive cut by American beatmaker Sd Laika. “36” is an unabashedly bass-heavy banger that sounds inspired in equal parts by grime and similarly minded Americans, like Starkey or Eprom, and features dirty synths that constantly change octaves, as well as a fair amount of gun cocking littered through the beat. Sd Laika has also been slated to produce the first release for Lost Codes, a six-track EP called Unknown Vectors (artwork above), which is set to drop in July.