Polish record label Razzmatazz is gearing up to release a compilation later this month with cuts from some of its country’s dubstep- and funk-inspired producers—including The Phantom, Zeppy Zep, and Teezy (a.k.a. Thomas Wirski) of Supra1, among others. In the meantime, the imprint has shared “’91,” which is a collaborative track from Wirski and Polish hip-hop head Kixnare, born Lukasz Maszczynski. As the title suggests, the tune is supplied with loads of ’90s-house energy via dizzying vocal samples, rolling basslines, and a straightforward dance beat, but nonetheless sounds of-this-century due to its more updated synths. And after getting your fill of Teezy & Kixnare’s tune, you can preview the rest of PL Funky II after the jump.