A who’s who of hot new Scandinavian artists have converged for Röyksopp‘s forthcoming third album, Junior, the first we’ve heard from the Norwegian duo since 2005’s The Understanding. Karin Dreijer, of The Knife, as well as Lykke Li, Robyn, and Anneli Drecker collaborated with Röyksopp on the new release, which will drop March 23.

A first single, “Happy Up Here,” will arrive March 9, but before that, fans can get a taste of Röyksopp’s latest work with a free non-album song, “Happy Birthday,” available for download from the duo’s site.

01 Happy Up Here
02 The Girl and the Robot
03 Vision One
04 This Must Be It
05 Röysopp Forever
06 Miss It So Much
07 Tricky Tricky
08 You Don’t Have a Clue
09 Silver Cruiser
10 True to Life
11 It’s What I Want