Paris-based Kitsuné imprint is no stranger to pumping out singles from up-and-coming dance artists, as is evident by its slew of releases that helped acts like Digitalism, Guns ‘N’ Bombs, and Thieves Like Us make names for themselves. For the label’s next installment of singles, it enlisted the new wave of soon-to-be all-ages club anthems from Glasgow’s dark indie-poppers Big Face, Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya, The Teenagers, and fellow Parisian Yelle.

Big Face’s recently released “I Wanna Be A Style Crusader” is one of the more shocking Kitsuné offerings yet, borrowing from vintage industrial acts like Throbbing Gristle and Echo and the Bunnymen. Will it depress those hungry for more poppy electro-house? Probably not, considering that the group enlisted the Daft Punk-esque posterboy DatA and London’s David E. Sugar to handle the remix treatment.

But even with the slew of new talent the label is unleashing, it’s the remixed B-sides that may propel these singles into overdrive. Featuring reinterpretations of the aforementioned artists from hype-worthy names like CSS, Punks Jump Up, Gentlemen Drivers, Riot In Belgium, Passions, and more, the new season of Parisian singles is looking pretty fresh.

Big Face “I Wanna Be A Style Crusader” Tracklisting
A1. I Wanna Be A Style Crusader
A2. I Wanna Be A Style Crusader ( David E. Sugar’s Paradise Garage Mix )
B. I Wanna Be A Style Crusader (DatA remix )

Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya “Fuck Friend” Tracklisting
A1. Fuck Friend
A2. Fuck Friend (Yusek & Brodinski Remix)
B1. Fuck Friend (CSS Remix)
B2. Fuck Friend (Mix Hell Remix)

The Teenagers “Homecoming” Tracklisting
A1. Homecoming
A2. Homecoming (Gentlemen Drivers Rave Mix)
B1. Homecoming (Guns ‘N’ Bombs XTC 1996 Remix)
B2. Homecoming (Passions Remix)

Yelle “Cause Des Garçons” Tracklisting
A1. Cause Des Garçons
A2. Cause Des Garçons (Punks Jump Up Remix)
B1. Cause Des Garçons (Tepr Remix)
B2. Cause Des Garçons (Riot In Belgium Remix)