A Brooklyn resident who is said to have spent his formidable artistic years in San Francisco, seasoned sound sculptor Jefre Cantu–Ledesma will debut on the Mexican Summer label early next year with the A Year with 13 Moons LP. The forthcoming album’s 16 tracks are said to have been culled from hours of recordings Cantu–Ledesman made while an artist-in-residence at Headlands Center for the Arts, an artistic center located on the foggy shores of Marin County, directly across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. “The time at the Headlands was a real gift—of space, time and being cared for,” the artist explains in a press release. “This allowed me to create music in a way I never had before… I learned how to let the music create itself in a way, to lead me rather than trying to force it down a path”

Said to consist almost entirely of live takes, the record makes use of “electric guitar, modular synthesizer, drum machine, and concrète sounds from the artist’s surroundings at the Headlands” across its 16 hazy compositions. Officially out via Mexican Summer on February 9 of next year, A Year with 13 Moons‘s lead track, “The Last Time I Saw Your Face,” can be streamed below, where the forthcoming record’s artwork and full tracklist have also been included.

1. The Last Time I Saw Your Face
2. Love After Love
3. Disappear
4. Mirror of Past & Future
5. Interiors
6. Pale Flower
7. The Twins Shadows
8. Agate Beach
9. The Spree
10. Early Autumn
11. A Portrait of You at Nico’s Grave, Grunewald, Berlin (for Bill K.)
12. Remembering
13. Görlitzer Park
14. Along the Isar
15. At the End of Spring
16. Remains