XLR8R is offering XLR8R+ subscribers free tickets to the upcoming Cartulis party at Fold, London on Saturday, January 25.

The Cartulis parties and label have gone from strength to strength earning them a glowing reputation among ravers and artists alike. With their 2020 opening fast approaching, they have carried on the trend with yet another classy lineup. Luca Lozano, Le Loup, and Eliaz join three Cartulis residents Z@p, Raphael Carrau, and Unai Trotti at one of London’s finest venues, Fold.

Expect stripped back grooves and intergalactic rhythms at one of London’s best parties.

For those who haven’t yet, just SUBSCRIBE HERE and email your full name with “Cartulis: 2020” as the subject to xlr8r.plus@xlr8r.com to claim your FREE pass. For those current subscribers, simply email your full name and “Cartulis: 2020” as the email subject. 

The latest edition of XLR8R+ explores Portugal’s thriving dance scene with tracks and content from DJ Nigga Fox, RS Produções, BLEID, and Serpente, plus artwork by Márcio Matos. Listen to the tracks here.

Meanwhile, you can listen to a podcast from Cartulis resident Unai Trotti below.