XLR8R is offering XLR8R+ subscribers free passes to the upcoming Warning event at Fold in London.

The party will take place on Friday, November 22 and it will be the first time for Sansibar, Titia, and DJ Tabledance in London. Irakli also joins the bill, having previously hosted About Blank in Berlin. Warning, a Berlin-based collective, is known for booking talent that deserves it rather than relying on reputation, and this night is no different.

For those who haven’t yet, just SUBSCRIBE HERE and email your full name with “Warning” as the subject to xlr8r.plus@xlr8r.com to claim your free event pass. For those current subscribers, simply email your full name and “Warning” as the email subject.

The 16th edition of XLR8R+ is here, featuring tracks by Alec Falconer, Jack Michael and Leif. You can subscribe here and hear snippets of the tracks below.


Sansibar (live) (UK Debut)
TITIA (UK Debut)
DJ Tabledance (UK Debut)
Marie Montexier

We only have a select amount of tickets so don’t sleep as this is set to be a special night.