Chitlin’-circuit soul takes some getting used to. Synth strings and BBD-outtake drum machines appeal to neither the soul-and-blues “purists” nor the Bud-and-blooze roadhouse crews. But to thousands who spend Friday night with a pint of whiskey and Mel Waiters on the jukebox, this is simply Southern soul-blues as it’s always been: none-too-subtle innuendos belted by inspired entertainers–with both artists from “the day” (Barbara Carr, Bill Coday) and young ’uns raised in the juke joints (Sir Charles Jones, Mr. David). Whether you want a serious night out (Waiters’ “Smaller the Club”), or to see what underground soul’s biggest names do five nights a week (Lee Fields’ “I’ll Go to Jail”), Motel Lovers is the perfect introduction.