Enon’s fifth effort in eight years, and their most Brainiac (frontman John Schmersal’s first band) record since their Believo! debut, is everything we’ve been waiting for from these sometimes brilliant, sometimes frustrating indie-pop pervos. Gone is the trip-hop/new-wave schizophrenia that held Enon’s last outing, 2003’s just plain ridiculous Hocus Pocus, back. From the opening seconds of “Mirror on You”’s junkyard-tech vocal fuckery and growling bass, it’s clear that, after a decade, Brainiac’s mourning period is over. Guitars shriek, percussion clatters, electronics whip, and hiss. “Dr. Freeze” courses with barely-in-control bee-swarm synth and–spit flying–Schmersal’s barely-in-control vocal grimaces, which two tracks later, on “Peace of Mind,” he fully unleashes and lets his falsetto rip. Yet below it all still rolls the pop sense–the clean lines, the structures–that ensures Enon will never be a tribute band, but one that knows, and honors its roots.