We’ll cut to the chase here: Ilian Tape have been on a roll in the last year. With a great LP from Zenker Brothers, a solid effort from Italian upstart Stenny and a bombastic set of tunes from the mysterious Skee Mask, the Munich label has set the bar at to all-time high, meandering between the lines of early-’90s Detroit, late-’90s breaks and dimension-altering techno. Essentially, Ilian Tape is laying out a foundation for whoever releases next on the label—to go farther, weirder, and harder in every which way. Needless to say, their latest release by Andrea achieves this by hitting consistently emotive highs, while keeping the lows to where proper frequencies should lie.

The release soars into space on its first two tracks, “Outlines” and “Rainbow,” taking elements of benevolent breaks and Reese-oriented basslines and placing them alongside turbulent synth leads that exist somewhere between the lines of pain and pleasure. The third track, “Machine,” is as straightforward as an Ilian Tape track could sound—furiously paced, clap-snared to its peak and unrelenting, with barely any room to exhale. The closer, “Choral,” is a come-down of a cut, bringing the listener back down to earth with its grounded breaks, rumbling around with just enough intensity and intrigue to keep it wildly satisfying until the very end of it.

As a 22-minute four-track EP, Andrea’s Outlines achieves greatness by knowing what makes it work and capping it to its peak without tiring the listener—it’s a rollicking, rambunctious set of tunes that exceeds dancefloor expectations, shining a spotlight on the the Turin, Italy–based producer As long as whatever he’s feeling can shine through as it did in this release, we’ll be waiting with bated breath—still hoping to exhale.