Drums are dead, in a sense, for these no-wave nabobs on their self-titled fourth full-length. Sounding more Phil Spector than Brian Eno this time around, Angus Andrew and Co. jettison the Berlin-esque savor and drum-mobbed brio of last year’s Drum’s Not Dead for the jangly, fuzz pop of Psychocandy-era Jesus and Mary Chain on songs such as “Pure Unevil” and “What Would They Know.” But Liars isn’t a complete homage to the brothers Reid-the trio wonderfully crafts a catatonic echo chamber of damaged electronics and prickly guitar clatter on “Leather Prowler,” while the turbulent snare blasts and taut, angular guitars of “Plaster Casts of Everything” has the group conjuring up noisy, yet danceable art-punk.