Three years after its initial release in Sweden and nearly two years after blowing up in the U.K., Robyn’s self-titled album finally arrives Stateside, on a Perez Hilton-led wave of hype that shouldn’t distract anyone from how astonishingly good it is. Much of the attention has focused on the hilarious, Peaches-lite rapping of “Konichiwa Bitches,” but the best moments on Robyn combine sleek, 21st-century beats (courtesy of Teddybears’ Klas Åhlund and The Knife) with terrific, bubbly pop songs. “Bum Like You” and “Who’s That Girl?” prove that Robyn, who started out as a teen diva apprenticed to future Britney hit-maker Max Martin, can craft hooks as sharp as anything Madonna or Justin Timberlake ever put forth.