Those familiar with the Kompakt “sound” will find Michael Mayer‘s debut LP a pleasant (if not terribly original) listen. Touch combines elements of techno, house, electro, and–dare I say it–progressive into a user-friendly, non-threatening mélange. Deep-house single “Privat” and the Lil‘ Louis-echoing “Neue Luthersche Fraktur” are both solid tracks, but the standouts come later, Though awkwardly named, “Funky Haddicap” is far from it–heroin strings and warbly Em-u-sampled basslines meet pre-pubescent vocals over a lush, chugging rhythm. “Amabile” is one of those triplet-beat tracks that have been appearing lately–pulsating, hypnotic, and unabashedly digital, it is by far the best moment on this album. Given a chance, this LP may Touch you after all.