Kayla Waldorf (a.k.a. Aos) is a Seattle-based artist and an active member of the thriving female identified / non-binary collective TUF. Aside from her solo work as Aos, Waldorf also makes music alongside her peers as a member of the singular collective Secondnature. Her debut Aos release will be 90 East, an EP released today via Blankstairs.

Like the Pacific Northwest region in which Waldorf resides, 90 East is full of hazy, melancholic beauty. Four dense, atmospheric originals explore a range of emotions and textures, backed up by a remix from one-half of Delsin’s Artefakt, Robin Koek (a.k.a. Cyspe).

In support of today’s release, Blankstairs has offered up EP cut “Limerence” as today’s download. It’s a deeply woven piece and the perfect introduction to not only Aos, but also her sprawling debut.

You can download “Limerence” in full via the WeTransfer button below, with the EP available for purchase here.