Galaxian will drop the 11th release of Helena Hauff’s Return to Disorder imprint.

The Paradise Engineering EP will be the Glasgow-based artist’s debut on Hauff’s label; previous releases have landed on imprints such as Shipwrec, Lower Parts, Solar One Music, and Transient Force. Within its four tracks, Galaxian lays out an “intricate web of self, spiritual, and socio-technic exploration and critique.” Producing the cover art alone took him on over 12 months.

We’re told to expect “an ambitiously psychedelic piece of machine mastery that will be right at home on Hauff’s label,” with which she set out to bring “punk rock and techno together” in 2015. The label’s name refers to the reactionary post-WW1 art movement, Return to Order, which called for a rejection of the avant-garde in favour of conservatism and classicism. Previous releases have come from the likes of Children of Leir, Morah, and Umwelt.


A1. Paradise Engineering
A2. Mutual Arising
B1. Life Force
B2. You Don’t Matter

Paradise Engineering will land on May 14, with “Paradise Engineering” streaming in full below.