Tripalium Corp‘s Acid Avengers series aims to unite the vibrant acid scene via a set of split EPs from some of the scene’s leading proponents. So far, Acid Avengers has dropped splits from Jaquarius, Monoenzyme-307, Voiron, and Botine, with the latest arriving from Lyon’s Umwelt and Hamburg-born producer v_3.378 (a.k.a. 88uw).

Acid Avengers 003 features five cuts of serrated electro and devastating warehouse techno from two producers that have proved to be masters of their machines. Each track unfolds like a soundtrack to an acid-drenched dystopian world, one crafted from dusty 303s and their drum-machine brothers and sisters.

Ahead of tomorrow’s release, you can stream Umwelt’s “Critical Incident” via the player below.