Next Monday, July 20, Repitch Recordings will issue a CD compilation curated by Ascion, D. Carbone and Shapednoise, titled Selected Cuts. The compilation will be limited to 200 copies, 50 of which will be released as a special edition.

Selected Cuts is the first CD release for the Berlin-­based underground techno label. Its comprised of tracks from the most relevant releases the label has produced, narrating the evolution of their exploration in heavy electronics. Label founders Shapednoise, Ascion, and D. Carbone selected their favorite track from every record, joining them all together in chronological order of release. The compilation includes some of the label’s very first releases, to the inclusion of like­minded fellows such as Marcelus, AnD, Gaja, Violet Poison and Stave, and the strong collaborations with established masters like Mike Parker, Regis, and Sleeparchive. The CD also includes an unreleased collaborative track by the whole Repitch crew together with AnD, a hard­-hitting, noise-driven banger in the purest vein of their previous efforts.

The special edition will include a metal case with portholes, a 84 x 29 cm poster, and a surrealistic graphic surface by Ascion. You can find out more about this limited edition CD Compilation by visiting the Repitch bandcamp.


1 D. Carbone ­ 000
2 Ascion & D. Carbone ­ Walker
3 Shapednoise ­ Cosmic landscapes
4 And ­ Making Circles
5 Marcelus ­ Warhead
6 Ascion ­ 000.2
7 Ascion & Shapednoise ­ Basic Impact
8 Gaja ­ B1
9 Violet Poison ­ A1
10 Sleeparchive ­ Fifth Station
11 Mike Parker ­ Lustrum
12 Stave ­ Hardened Chord (Regis Rmx)
13 Exclusive Track by D.A.S. D.A. (D. Carbone, Ascion, Shapednoise, AnD)