LA-based artist schwarzmodul produces the kind of glitchy electronics most suited to the industrial decay of the city he has made home. It’s a bent form of techno, a soundtrack to “big city machinery and sonorities, dilapidated architecture, circuits, and ghostly faces.”

On the production front, schwarzmodul has collaborated with Robot Koch—he co-produced three tracks on Koch’s Tsuki EP, one of which also featured on Koch’s acclaimed Monkeytown LP Hypermoment—and is set to release his debut self-titled EP on October 21 via Track Number Records. Preceding the EP is “subraze,” an otherworldly track available as a download via schwarzmodul’s Bandcamp. The atmospheric cut drops with an equally warped video and a more dancefloor-focused remix from cohort Robot Koch—which is offered as today’s XLR8R download, available via WeTransfer below.

The video for “subraze” can be watched below.

Subraze (Robot Koch remix)