Photo: Stephan Redel

Steffi and Virginia will release an eight-track double EP on Ostgut Ton next month. 

Work A Change expands on the Berlin duo’s aesthetic, merging elements from a number of genres into what the label describes as “a cerebral, highly personal” release. It signals a change of direction for their work, “voyaging through entirely new terrain while retaining a sound that is undoubtedly their own.”

The long-time friends first collaborated on 2011’s “Yours,” an instant classic, and “You Own My Mind,” and have since been experimenting with new ways to express their unique strand of dancefloor melancholy. Unlike the maximalism often associated with vocals in dance music, Steffi and Virginia’s creations use the voice less as a centerpiece and more an integral part of the groove itself.

Work A Change is out September 20, with “Help Me Understand” streaming in full below. 


A1. Be True To Me

A2. Sight From Above

B1. Help Me Understand

B2. Help Me Understand (Instrumental) 

C1. Until You’re Begging

C2. Internal Bleeding

D1.Work A Change

D2.Work A Change (Instrumental)