Bartellow will release a solo album with ESP Institute in March.

German producer Beni Brachtel has been involved with Lovefingers‘s ESP Institute for several years already, as a member of label favorites Tambien (alongside Marvin Schuhmann & Valentino Betz of Public Possession). Having now released solo EPs with City Fly and Estrela, Brachtel will put out his first album as Bartellow this year.

Panokorama takes its names from the idea of “a surreal landscape with a foreign presence centrally embedded, a ‘panorama’ punctuated by a ‘ko.” Listeners can expect a fusion of jazz influences with synth electronics on the ten-tracker.

Panokorama will drop March 24. Stream opening cut “Sala Sensi” below in full, via Clash.


A1. Sala Sensi
A2. Clypp
A3. W.C.R.
B1. Shufflington
B2. EX%
C1. Amnesia
C2. Operator In Excelsis
D1. Saba
D2. Notion
D3. Panokorama