Slovenian label Kamizdat is offering up a track from its latest compilation for download.

Kamizdat is a “free-form boutique label for creative commons music” that focuses on local artists. The label’s releases explore a wide range of styles and genres, from fast and gritty Eastern-European techno to textural ambient and more free-form electronics, often packaged in locally-made and unique hand-numbered limited physical editions.

The label’s latest release, a 10-rack compilation titled FCKXMS, pulls together a collection of tracks from Slovenian artists whose music celebrates and looks at our current world timeline, one “of laughter and despair, the gifts and discounts, the unavoidable consumerism and devastating trickle-down economics.”

Across the release, the music can be fierce and frenetic, like Blaž’s “Fuck Berghain,” but also tender, such as ala percula’s “digression20,” which is the cut being offered as today’s XLR8R download.

Out of all the 10 artists, ala pecula is the anomaly, a mysterious and enigmatic figure, or group, that is unknown even to the label affiliate, Domen Učakar (a.k.a. Lifecutter), who told XLR8R he personally knows “everybody on the compilation except that act.” The track is fittingly peculiar and ethereal, dancing nimbly across its six-minute runtime like a living organism birthing alien-like sounds and textures.

“digression20” is available as a download to XLR8R+ subscribers below, with the full compilation available to purchase here.


01 Gašper Torkar “Harlequinesque”
02 Warrego Valles “You need 5 pairs of jeans, leggings and sweatpants”
03 Lifecutter “Decay”
04 Zergon “CandyCaneHorror”
05 Douchean “But Their Miracle Was Not Seen As Such By Others”
06 Blaž “Fuck Berghain”
07 Marka San “Blessed Luv”
08 beepblip “Sentimental Bastards”
09 ala pecula “digression20”
10 Ž “The Birth of a New Year”

Full XLR8R+ Members can download the track below. If you’re not an XLR8R+ member, you can read more about it and subscribe here.