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XLR8R+025: Amorf, Priku, Sublee, Cosmjn, Dan Andrei, and Orli

We revisit the Romanian minimal scene for our biggest package of exclusive music to date. We've also included a Studio Essential feature with Vlad Caia and an in-depth exposé exploring the inspiring history of electronic music in Romania.

XLR8R+024: Eluize, AIDA, and Slumber

Craigie Knowes artist Eluize joins AIDA and Slumber (Öona Dahl and Amber Cox) for a collection of house grooves. Eluize has also offered up a download of her Ableton project file to see how it was produced.

XLR8R+023: Deadbeat Hosts Mentrix, T.Raumshmiere, Martin Bakero, Paul St. Hilaire, PC Nakt, and Monolake

Deadbeat curates some of the finest dub-wise producers working today, with over 120 minutes of audio content, including six tracks, a full album, and an audio interview, as well as an in-depth feature including each artist.

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