Under the moniker RRUCCULLA hides the elusive young Spanish music producer and drummer Izaskun González. Her music is a genre-blending of energetic compositions, jazz-influenced experimentalism, pop-infused melodies, abstract beats, synthetic textures, squeezed and deformed noises, rampaging drums, and infinite layers of vivid imaginary sounds, with which she builds up coloured artificial places to sense unpredictable emotions. This approach has taken her to play at renowned Spanish music festivals and venues such as Primavera Sound, BBK Live, Lapsus Festival, and LEV Festival, as well as supporting international acts like American Football, Iglooghost, and Superorganism.

González won ever prize at a 2016 national Spanish music contest, garnering acclaim as one of the most promising young artists of the Spanish scene. Before that first public appearance, she claims having done almost a dozen of albums, which are secretly scattered online as various different aliases. 

As RRUCCULLA, she has released ​six albums between 2015 and 2017, each one from different music approaches.  

Next, she’ll release SHo͝oSH, an album about “weird multi-colored fish stories in an aquarium.” She describes it as a “cute and fierce album,” influenced by lots of jazz, Aphex Twin, and Flying Lotus.  “In the album I wanted to project my musical spontaneity and creativity with musical richness, it sounds melodic and energetic yet it also has some wild parts,” she explains. “At first, I started making this album wondering how a free-jazz album would sound if kids had composed it. I experimented with sounds and song structures, building soundscapes, and in the end some melodies or noises end up sounding like if they were characters living inside the album.”

SHo͝oSH will land on November 30 via BIIPBIIP, with information here; meanwhile, you can download “Icy Blue Coral” in full via the button below, or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions.