Photo by The1Point8, Shot in Los Angeles, California

박혜진 Park Hye Jin has teamed up with Nosaj Thing for “CLOUDS,” a new digital single on Ninja Tune.

“CLOUDS” features Park rapping in Korean over woozy beats made with Nosaj Thing, a Los Angeles native of Korean descent.

It’s the latest addition to a standout year for the young rapper, singer, DJ and producer. Just recently, she released her “Can you” video and remix of that same track by Galcher Lustwerk, plus a collaboration with Blood Orange. In June, she shared How can I, a popular EP completed over the course of 2019, and her latest full release.

박 Park (surname) 혜진 Hye Jin (first name) originates from Seoul, but is now based in Los Angeles, having spent time living in Melbourne and London. She has gained a reputation for dreamlike minimal house and techno productions, debuting with 2018’s IF U WANT IT.



CLOUDS is available digitally now on Bandcamp, with a stream below.