has shared a new EP with vocalist Loa Myst, called Pressure.

M³, read as M-cubed, is a composer, record producer, and mix engineer from Nairobi, Kenya. Last year, he teamed up with local MCs Sens_ei and Elsaphan Njora on In Three’s, and he’s now worked with Loa Myst, originally from Los Angeles and formerly performing as Marushka.

Loa Myst has collaborated with several contemporary African musicians while gaining momentum as a solo artist, performing at Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda. She launched the Loa Myst alias in 2018, and is now recording her first album at Supersonic Studios Africa.

The EP comprises two tracks, pairing M³’s beats with Loa Myst’s soulful, emotive vocals.


01. In My Room
02. Unwrap Me

Pressure EP is available now via Bandcamp, with a full stream below.