Francisco Morgan will release his second EP as Mujipuki on Portugal’s Rotten \ Fresh.

Morgan, from Porto, Portugal, comes from jazz piano and free jazz bands, where he developed his improvisation techniques, but his tastes turned to electronic music and he began producing his first tracks last year. He released his first EP, Mujipuki Returns!, through Loveless Records in 2018, an amalgamation of genres that seamlessly blend together into an experimental and dancefloor-friendly album.

Mujipuki lives!, his second outing, focuses on techno and beats. It’s made of six “raw and aggressive songs built with unusually beautiful samples,” we’re told. It’s said to spark anger and joy, and loneliness and hope.

Rotten \ Fresh launched in 2017, and has put out work from Oströl, Buhnnun, and more. It’s based out of Lisbon, Portugal.


01. Interlude 01 (ft. Katya Yonder)
02. F*ck Your Bitch, Your Bitch And You
03. Sleepy Doggo 5.0
04. What’s My Pin (techno mix)
05. Recuerdos A Todos (mix05)
06. Outro

Mujipuki lives! lands December 12, with “What’s My Pin” streaming below.