Nina Kraviz‘ трип label will release a new concept album in January, happy new year! we wish you happiness!

The eight-track release follows July’s entry in the concept series, Don’t Mess With Cupid, and features label regulars like PTU alongside new voices such as Carlota and Vladimir Dubyshkin. Also appearing is label head Kraviz, who contributes a collaborative track with Snazzy FX’s Dan Snazelle, and Buttechno, who delivers his’s first material for трип. 

трип 23 also ushers in a new visual era for the label. In Russia, New Year is the most anticipated celebration, with lots of snow, joy, and dreams. The intricate crystalline hexagonal snow-like drawings are actually detailed ’60s soviet era architectural plans for a school that was never built. The drawings were shown to Nina by the creator’s grandson. The futuristic look of these “industrial snow flakes” are “the perfect visual compliment to the musical theme of the album,” the label explains. 

трип describes the release as a “fantastical celebration of the new” and explains that it represents “a fresh new visual outlook for the label,” coinciding with its release in the first month of the new year. 

The final release on трип in 2018 will be трип 22, Vladimir Dubyshkin’s debut solo EP, cheerful pessimist, out on December 17.


A1. Buttechno “Rostokino Acid”

A2. Nina Kraviz vs Snazzy “U Ludei Est Pravo!”

B1. PTU “Mstera”

B2. Carlota “Your Destination” 

C1. Carlota “Moise Psychosis” 

C2. Vladimir Dubyshkin “Soviet Film”

D1. Buttechno “Dubstepping Progression Fast” 

D2. The Mover “Track 1”

Happy New Year! We Wish You Happiness! will land on January 14, with clips below.