The 20th release of Nina Kravizтрип imprint comes in the shape of Don’t Mess With Cupid, a various artist compilation featuring works from Aphex Twin, Biogen, PTU, Universal Indicator, and more. 

The release is intended as a “homage to some of the most uncompromising manifestations of electronic music imaginable.” It traces sub-cultures from the ’90s until now and aims to interrogate the boundaries of tempo and form via hardcore, gabber, acid techno, and ambient. It features a mix of unreleased material and “essential gems” from трип regulars, esoteric masters, and newcomers.

The 10-track release includes “15 c7” by Universal Indicator, a ’90s project from Aphex Twin and Mike Dred. Hardcore legend Marc Acardipane also contributes a cut as Pilldriver.  

We’re told that all of the tracks have been selected around a particular story, a trip, and presented as a continuous sonic landscape. All of the tracks are structured in a way that they can be mixed one with another an endless amount of times making a continuous loop, or a trip. 


A1. Biogen “Hexagraphic”

A2. PTU “Castor and Pollux”

A3. Deka “Pearl” (Nikita Zabelin Edit)

B1. Exos “Grasshunter”

B2. Bjarki “3-1 Tap Lush”

C1.Marc Acardipane a.k.a. Pilldriver “Pitch-Hiker”

C2. Shadowax “I want to be a stewardess”

D1. Universal Indicator “15 c7”

D2. Roma Zuckerman “Zero”

D3. Nina Kraviz “Opa”

Don’t Mess With Cupid will land on July 20, with Shadowax’ “I want to be a stewardess” streaming in full below—or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions.