Today, UK-based imprint Tusk Wax released a new EP from Berliners Local Suicide and Curses.

Simply titled Tusk Wax 28, the EP, much like each artist’s respective back catalogs, explores the darker end of the electronic spectrum, mining the sleazy allure of new wave of post-punk and fusing it with modern disco and techno tropes. Each of the four cuts provides a different take on this aesthetic, from the stoned cold-wave grooves of “Magia” to the more driving “It All Sounds The Same,” the chugging and sultry “Walk With Me,” and the sinister new-wave-techno fusion of “Secret Friends.”

Tusk Wax 28, like all of the release on Tusk Wax, is vinyl only and can be picked up here, with “Secret Friends” streaming in full below.