Here you can find the FAQs for both XNFT, XLR8R’s curated NFT marketplace for music, and XLR8R+, our curated subscription service. We will be adding to the FAQs as new questions are frequently asked.

What is the ethos behind XNFT?

XNFT is a curated marketplace featuring the music and artists that fit within XLR8R’s musical universe. XNFT will aim to serve the music community by fostering artist-to-fan relationships and artist collaborations that connect the visual arts world with producers and musicians. 

What chains do you support?

We currently support NFTs on xDai, Polygon (Matic), and Ethereum.

How do I get and use xDai or Polygon (Matic)?

We’ve put together an in-depth roadmap for getting xDai and Polygon (Matic) and setting up both networks. You can find the details for xDai here and Polygon here.

I want to sell an NFT through your marketplace—how and where can I do it?

We have a full product launching in a couple of months that will allow anyone to mint on XNFT, following approval—we want to maintain a marketplace of quality. 

To be considered for the beta version, please email us at with what you would like to present and a preview of the work. We are onboarding consistently but please be patient.

Will you be offering a bidding structure to the sales?

Yes, bidding and auction options are on the way and we will roll them out in the next couple of months. 

I’ve just bought an NFT—can I resell it on a secondary market?

Any owner of an NFT can set the NFT for resale on the XNFT secondary market. While we are in beta, you will need to contact us at

Can the creator set ongoing royalties for the secondary market?

Yes, the creator chooses ongoing royalties on the secondary market, which can allow for up to 15 wallet addresses and up to 15% for each address.

What fees are associated with the XNFT marketplace? 

The creator keeps 91.5%—2.5% goes to Cargo, 5% to XLR8R, 0.5% to EarthPercent, Brian Eno’s fund for the Earth, which will distribute the funds “to the most impactful organizations working on the climate emergency with the guidance of an advisory panel of climate experts, leading scientists and youth activists,” and 0.5% to Bye Bye Plastics, which is a non-profit set up by BLOND:ISH that aims to eliminate single-use plastics from the music industry.

How can I get in touch with someone about XNFT?

You can email us at

What is XLR8R+?

XLR8R+ is a member-supported community and subscription service that champions independent artists, journalism, and culture. 

Why should I subscribe?

Your subscription will directly support XLR8R and, in turn, independent artists, music, and journalism. XLR8R is an independently run magazine directly supported by our members.

Over two years ago, with the demise of online advertising and the rise of paid editorial (advertorial) across the industry, XLR8R went ad-free with the launch of our member-supported community and subscription service, XLR8R+. It has allowed us to remain independent, whilst supporting emerging and established artists and running ad-free editorial (news, podcasts, and features). We decided to leave the grip of advertisers and instead create a self-supporting ecosystem—the new independent media.

You support—$1/monht, $10/year, $5/month, or $50/year—will allow XLR8R to continue what it has done for over 27 years: find, curate, and serve the best electronic music out there, without paid influence.

What is the difference between the $1 membership tier and $5?

$1 per month, or $10 a year, will open up all the editorial across the site. This includes all new and archived material—more than 650 podcasts, plus features, reviews, and news.

For $5 per month, or $50 a year, you get full access to XLR8R+. Every month, XLR8R+ members get access to at least three exclusive tracks from three different artists—available to download in high-quality formats and streamable—as well as an artwork by a new visual artist every month, a digital PDF zine, downloads of our weekly podcasts, and artist content (sample packs, mix downloads, project files, and more). You also get access to the member’s area, where you can find all your exclusive content and submit your music directly to XLR8R to be featured through our channels. (You can read more about this here.)

How do I subscribe?

It’s easy and only takes a few minutes. In any browser, go to, choose your tier, and hit the corresponding button. You’ll then fill out your details, including name, email, username, password, and payment details, and hit subscribe. That’s it.

What payment options do you have?

For security, we use Stripe for payments and they accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country.

What is the minimum subscription period?

One month is the minimum subscription term. Once you cancel, your subscription will last for the rest of the month (one month from the day you subscribed).

How can I cancel?

You can head to your account settings here to cancel. If you have any trouble, please email us at and we will help you out.