Hi, Doctor Nick! – What to Do in a New City Without a Decent Music Scene and the Good Doctor Says Goodbye to His Weekly Column

Hi, Doctor Nick! – How to Get the Creative Flow Going and the Importance of Being on Time

Hi, Doctor Nick! – The Secret to Finishing an Album (or Any Big Project) When It’s Almost Done

Hi, Doctor Nick! – Is Touring Hell? The Highs and Lows of Life on the Road

Hi, Doctor Nick! – Cracking the Club Scene When You’re Underage and the Right Way to Get Proactive with Your Demos

Hi, Doctor Nick! – Quick Tips for Tougher Drums and “How Old Is Too Old?” When It Comes to Making Music

Doctor Nick – Can a Relationship with a DJ Actually Work?

Hi, Doctor Nick! – The Importance of Setting Goals and the Doctor Gets Some Things Off His Chest

Hi, Doctor Nick! – The Doctor Is Out

Hi, Doctor Nick! – Choosing Between Music and a Job and the Struggle to Build Something in a Place That’s Behind the Times

Hi, Doctor Nick! – The Doctor Recommends More Bits of Gear and Discusses Whether DJ Schools Are Worth It

Hi, Doctor Nick! – How to Manage Your Time and What to Do When Your Music Never Goes “Pop”

Hi, Doctor Nick! – Moving to a New City for Music and How to Enter a New Scene

Hi, Doctor Nick! – The Right Time to Get a Booking Agent and the Importance of Doing What You Believe In

Hi, Doctor Nick! – The Necessary Evil of Self-Promotion and the Secret to Making Beats Without an MC

Hi, Doctor Nick! – Tips for Working with Vocalists and the Audience Adds to Some of the Doctor’s Past Advice

Hi, Doctor Nick! – A Doctor’s Guide to Buying Your First Bits of Analog Gear

Hi, Doctor Nick! – Air Miles, Saving Money on Coffee, and Letting Your Demo Find Its Way to the Right People

Hi, Doctor Nick! – What to Do When You Feel Like Quitting and the Real Payoff of the Music Game

Hi, Doctor Nick! – Balancing a Relationship with a Music Career and the Value of Music Theory

Hi, Doctor Nick! – Playing in a Band You’re Not Vibing with and Knowing the Right Time to Go Solo

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