June is a wonderful time to visit Barcelona. A combination of the food, the sun and the sand makes it a popular tourist destination for the full duration of the summer months—particularly so during mid June when thousands of music fans from across the globe arrive to enjoy their favorite artists in some of the most picturesque venues across the city.

Alongside Sonar, the famed festival of music and technology, run hundreds of satellite events hosted by labels, agencies and brands from all over the world—many of which are co-hosted by FACT, one of the leading promoters of the local area that throws a series of events each year. On the menu this year was Cocoon, Half Baked, Watergate, Mobilee and more; among the artists were Dana Ruh, Apollonia, Nicolas Lutz, SIT, Anja Schneider, Mathew Jonson, Josh Wink and many more.

A gallery for the entire series can be seen below.

Pictures by Valeriu Cătălineanu / Romanian Club Culture