High-end headphone designer AIAIAI has introduced the TMA-1 X, a new product intended to serve as the company’s entry-level DJ headphone. While AIAIAI’s TMA-1 headphones have become increasingly popular with working jocks and producers, their substantial (but by no means astronomical) price range may have put them out of reach for some, and so the company has now attempted to bring the best of that design to tight-budget customers with the TMA-1 X. Smaller and lighter than its AIAIAI counterparts, the TMA-1 X is a closed, dynamic set of headphones, and is said to be suitable for “DJing, monitoring, and [using with] mobile devices.” The TMA-1 X will become available on November 28, retailing for around $129; the full specs can be found here, along with more pictures of the sleek new cans.