The first thing that strikes you about the TMA-1 (MSRP: $199) is its design: distinctive and minimalist, the hyper-clean silhouette is underscored by a glorious matte, rubberized finish. Pick them up and the solidity is immediately apparent—this is a solid set of cans, and one unlikely to break under even the most drunken of circumstances. The headphone cable is removable, and the ear cushions pop off in favor of a higher-isolation pair for noisy clubs, included in the box. These were designed primarily as DJ headphones, and as such, they are heavy on bass and loud as hell, with spacious sound and a generally warm tone. Aiaiai and Danish design firm KibSi consulted 25 of the world’s best “DJs” to bring the TMA-1 to life (Flying Lotus, 2Manydjs, James Murphy, to name a few), and the result is a superb set of cans for disc jockeying or any other type of jockeying, really.