In anticipation of the Musikmesse conference in Frankfurt later this week, AKAI has unveiled a slew of new products—including a revamped version of its classic APC40 controller and the Rhythm Wolf, “an analog drum machine and bass synthesizer module with built-in sequencing.”

Described in a press release as “an authentic analog instrument that combines the coveted sounds of early electronic and hip-hop music with genuine Akai Professional workflow,” the Rhythm Wolf is essentially a five-voice analog drum machine and synth featuring an onboard 32-step sequencer, six MPC-style pads, and a “Howl knob” which controls a “custom distortion circuit for additional sound design.” AKAI’s Rhythm Wolf will be available this summer for a street price of $199.99. AKAI’s full announcement for the forthcoming unit can be read here.

In addition, AKAI has also revealed a slew of new additions to its APC line, the most notable of which is the APC40 MkII (pictured above). The new version of AKAI’s popular controller appears to have streamlined the functionality of its predecessor, fitting a 5×8 RGB LED clip matrix, eight channel faders, a master fader, and eight device controls onto a sleeker, more compact surface. One major change appears to be the absence of the dedicated “Sends” section, which will now be accessed using a “Send button” that will allow users to “press and hold Send and use the Track Selects to choose one of eight sends.” The unit is expected to ship this summer, retailing for around $400.

Lastly, AKAI has also revealed two other forthcoming units, the APC Key25 and the APC Mini—the full details of which can be found alongside the complete specs for AKAI’s APC40 MkII here.