If the art of recording sits just outside your range of concern or abilities (but doesn’t weaken your desire for good quality), the Yeti (MSRP: $149.99) could be your new best friend. Wires are minimal, as it connects to your computer and is powered via USB. It looks and feels like something off The Tonight Show podium, and is capable of bludgeoning a man much larger than yourself. It uses a three-capsule design (versus the two included on Blue’s own Snowball, or the one on many other mics), and offers four modes: omnidirectional, cardioid, stereo, and omnidirectional. It is not at all portable, and the knobs are made of chintzy plastic. If these two aspects do not pose a problem, however, sound quality is some of the best-in-class, and THX certification means you’re rather unlikely to get a lemon.