Dave Smith Instruments, the company helmed by snyth-pioneer and “Father of MIDI” Dave Smith, has announced the addition of a new, four-voice analog synthesizer called the Mopho x4 to its reputable line. Essentially a larger, polyphonic version of the company’s popular monophonic Mopho unit, the x4 is a fully functional analog synth with a 44-note, semi-wieighted keyboard and an array of adjustable parameters availible on its front panel. Users will also have the ability to link up the x4 with other Dave Smith Instrument devices via the “Poly Chain Port,” which allows for the addition of further voices with the use of another synth such as the company’s Tetra box. Basically, this new synth looks like a quality piece of equipment. Check the video below to see a demo orchestrated by Mr. Smith himself and to get a better idea of everything that the x4 is capable of.