Renowned synth designer Dave Smith (the man behind the Tempest drum machine and the Prophet line of synthesizers) has unveiled his latest creation, the Pro 2. Deemed the “most powerful mono synth ever” by Smith’s company, Dave Smith Instruments, the Pro 2 features four high-resolution digital oscillators and an additional sub oscillator (similar to DSI’s behemoth Prophet 12 synth), while also boasting dual analog filters, a comprehensive 32-step sequencer, and a wide range of modulation and FX controls. Furthermore, the Pro 2 can also be utilized as a four-voice paraphonic synth, allowing users to control each of the instrument’s four oscillators individually and with their own envelopes.

The Pro 2 synth is expected to become available sometime next month, though no pricing information has been made available yet. In the meantime, the video below finds Dave Smith himself explaining the ins-and-outs of the new unit, while those in search of further information can head here.