Dave Smith Instruments has introduced the DSM01, the company’s first component made to be used within Eurorack modular systems. As Create Digital Music reports, the DSM01 is built around DSI’s Curtis Filter, a switchable 2/4-pole, resonant low-pass filter that has “featured in everything from Dave’s vintage Sequential synths to his recent cutting-edge instruments such as the Prophet 12,” according to the company’s website, which also describes the Curtis Filter as “the very heart and soul of the Dave Smith sound” with a “brash, saturated, and powerful” tone. In addition, the DSM01 will feature no MIDI capabilities, instead using control voltage inputs for frequency, resonance, and amplitude.

Dave Smith’s DSM01 module can be seen below, while its full list of specifications can be found here. The component is said to be “coming soon” and is expected to sell for a street price of around $179.