Dave Smith Instruments—the company helmed by MIDI pioneer and longtime synth designer Dave Smith—has unveiled a new, 100% analog monophonic synth, the Mopho SE. Taking much of its internal sound generation features from the company’s compact, keyboardless Mopho synth, the Mopho SE expands on its predecessors abilities while featuring a 44-note, semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch and velocity sensitivity. Keeping with DSI’s standard of quality, the new synth uses a 100% analog signal path to create its sounds—utilizing two oscillators, two sub-octave generators, a “classic Curits” low-pass filter, four LFOs, an internal feedback loop, and a white-noise generator to help users shape their sounds. Furthermore, the keyboard also features a sophisticated arpeggiator and a 16×4 step sequencer. The Mopho SE is expected to begin shipping by the end of October, with its price tag likely to come in just below $1000. The Mopho SE’s full spec list can be found here.