The march of the digital DJ solutions continues. Denon‘s DN MC-6000 (MSRP: $949) goes for the all-in-one approach, built for the club with its steel chassis and rackmountability. It’s designed to work with Traktor and Virtual DJ, and while it’s not as tightly integrated with either software as NI’s S4 is with Traktor, it’s a somewhat more versatile unit. The mixer can take external sources (up to four, line/phono) and mix them without a computer connected. It’s festooned with a slew of buttons and knobs (perhaps too many, in fact), including eight hot-cue/sampler buttons, and a host of outputs like balanced XLR, along with unbalanced and booth outputs. It can handle audio and/or video with its switchable crossfader, and has a number of effects built in as well. Those looking for an adaptable, high-end controller won’t be disappointed with this reasonably portable, club-ready set-up.