The NYC-based online music production school Dubspot has announced that, for the month of June, it will be offering a free 30-part series of instructional videos intended to serve as a crash course for new and existing Ableton Live users. Put together to coincide with Ableton’s current 30-day software trial offer, the 30-video course was designed by Dubspot instructor (and noted expert Live user) Thavius Beck, who broke the schooling into four parts: “DJing with Live,” “Beat Programming,” “Simple Sound Design,” and “Producing a Remix.” Although it appears these lessons are more aimed towards the beginner crowd of Ableton users, Beck is perhaps the most knowledgeable stateside Ableton user, and is therefor likely to parlay gems of wisdom that even the most seasoned Ableton junkie could stand to hear (and potentially benefit from). You can check the video below, which more fully explains the aim and benefits of the courses, and once you’re done, head here to sign up for the free 30-part series.