After first teasing its existence with an over-the-top promotional video, the Analog Four has at last been unveiled in full detail by Elektron, who also announced that the four-voice analog synthesizer will start shipping next month. Among its impressive list of specs and features, the new unit boasts two oscillators, two sub-oscillators, a noise oscillator, and two independent analog filters per voice, as well as a slew of high-end FX and a step-sequencer to create patterns for notes and FX. In addition, the Analog Four appears to have all the expected connectivity options—USB, MIDI, and CV among them. While no videos showing the new synth in action have arrived yet, Elektron has provided a substantial bank of sound samples to give an idea of what all the Analog Four is capable of. You can listen to those here, check out the full list of specs and features here, and peep the aforementioned over-the-top teaser video below, if you feel so inclined.