Floating Points (given name Sam Shepherd) has helped to design a high-end mixer with music gear company Isonoe. As reported by Resident Advisor earlier today, the company is recognized for producing DJ accessories such as grade-A tonearms and feedback-isolation feet for Technics 1200s. Shepherd approached Isonoe about manufacturing a standalone DJ mixer of similar quality because—according to a product spec shared via Eglo—”in comparison with the quality of equipment employed to record and mix much of his record collection, the DJ mixer represented a bottleneck.” The so-called FP mixer addresses this issue using a two-channel rotary design with an isolator section and single-ended, class-A circuitry, with other features falling under the class of “world firsts” for DJ mixers.

While Isonoe hasn’t shared any details of release date or price, a version of the FP has apparently been “lurking” at London club Plastic People and will become more broadly available soon. Furthermore, the mixer’s complete specifications can be found here.