The first thing you notice about a pair of headphones is how it looks, and from there, you can’t help but wonder how it’ll look once its on your own head. Given that so many headphones look like some oversized piece of intergalactic space gear wrapped around your ears, most of us just want something that’s simple and comfortable. Incase appears to have had this in mind when they built the Reflex line of headphones—the look is meticulously clean, and, best of all, there are no obtrusive logos adorning either ear piece, so there’s no danger of looking like an asshole.

There’s something to the simplicity of design that makes these headphones remarkably comfortable as well, with a relaxed (but not too relaxed) fit of the single headband and some efficiently cushioned earpieces, which, unfortunately, don’t do much in the way of outside noise cancellation. Of course, sound is paramount when it comes to headphones, and the Reflex does a fine enough job, especially when considering the price point of $79.95. There’s no noticeable bass boost (a common thread among modern headphones), which yields a balanced, crisp sound that breathes naturally in the upper registers of the sound spectrum while keeping enough punch in the low end to render basslines and kicks steadily pumping. If you’re looking for some “slammin’ bass” in your headphones, well, you’re probably going to ruin your hearing at some point, and so maybe the Reflex isn’t for you. However, for those of us who enjoy all ends of the frequency spectrum with an equal zeal, the Reflex isn’t a bad choice at all. And it comes in your choice of three sleek, understated colors, so you can at least look neutral while enjoying these aural splendors.