For those who enjoy chopping, slicing, and generally mangling their beats to no end, Stutter Edit (MSRP: $249) may just be the new Cuisinart. Perhaps most importantly, it provides hands-on control: While software like Ableton’s Beat Repeat, Audio Damage’s Replicant, and SmartElectronix’s free Livecut plug-in (among others) all allow for various forms of stuttery sonic chaos, Stutter Edit is built to actually be played by the user. It can perform repeats, bit-reduction, buffer and pitch effects, and more, all of which are automatically mapped to the keys of your MIDI controller, and all of which can be manually combined, modulated, and otherwise custom-configured. There are even generative patches, which can add layers of synthesized audio to the tracks under its dominion. This is an excellent tool for stage or studio.