Renowned gear manufacturers—and a company that has continually moved towards more compact products in recent months—Korg has partnered with open-source electronics company littleBits to create a new DIY synth kit. The kit, which will become available the first week of December, offers “an assortment of 12 electronic Bits modules that instantly snap together with magnets to create circuits like those used in Korg’s famous analog synthesizers.” Included in the kit will be modules such as power, oscillator (x2), filter, envelope, delay, keyboard, micro-sequencer, mix, split, random, and synth speaker. Using these modules and an accompanying booklet, users can build their own circuits from 10 separate projects, though it’s imaginable that more adventurous and knowledgeable users may be able to reconfigure components into circuits of their own design.

According to a press release, the forthcoming Synth Kits will be available for $159, and it’s also worth noting that although Korg Japan did collaborate on the technology used in these kits, they are not “official” Korg products in the sense that Korg will not be manufacturing or distributing them. That will be left up to littleBits, who will make the units available via its webstore and select retailers. More details on the littleBits Synth Kit can be found here, and a quirky-but-illuminating video of multi-talented artist Reggie Watts putting the Synth Kit in action can be seen below.

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