Remember when the MicroKorg came out? Everyone and their brother was suddenly “into” synths, and an almost equal number of bands started using the small, affordable instrument live and in the studio. Well, it seems we ought to get ready for the next level of that integration, as Korg recently released an even more compact synthesizer, the Monotron (MSRP: $90). This little bugger fits into the palm of your hand, and boasts many capabilities of some of the biggest pieces of hardware. One VCO, one VCF, and one LFO combine with other modular controls, Korg’s classic analog sound, and a ribbon controller keyboard to pack a portable punch unlike anything else currently available. The battery-powered device also has a built-in speaker for sharing your sound creations on the go, but if those get to be a bit much for your audience, you can jam out alone with the handy headphone jack.